6 ways to protect your kids against the scorching Australian Summer.

Summertime means beach, fun and having a great time with your kids, right? Well, YES, but living in Australia and being exposed to the scorching heat and direct UV radiation, we need to be very aware and protective not only with ourselves but we got to be extra cautious with our little ones.
Here are 6 tips to protect them from the sun and heat.

1) Seek shade / BYO shade

My pink tent is my best friend! The little ones' skin is too sensitive so it's important to reduce the direct sun light as most as we can. I always bring my own shade when I take my daughter to the beach or even when we go out for a walk during warm bright Summer days. The key is to be aware before going out. Ask yourself: Am I going to find shade somewhere? If not, bring your own tent or umbrella. It's easier and much safer. 

2) Use organic baby sunscreen FPS 30+ & always re-apply

Using sunscreen is a no-brainer, but my advice is to go harmful-chemical-free. There are heaps of titanium and zinc oxide based organic sunscreens - as effective as most sunblocks, but they are also free of synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colours and harmful chemicals. If you don't know where to find them, we are happy to recommend some brands to you. Also, and very important, is to know that even if on their label you can read "waterproof" or "long lasting", ALWAYS re-apply the same amount after your child goes swimming and/or from time to time.

3) Hydration

Bring a cooler and water and keep remembering them that they need to drink water from time to time. Sometimes bringing a cooler is great because apart from keeping them hydrated they keep their bodies a little more refreshed. 


4) Sunglasses

I know it sounds fashionable and it is, but this is the classic case of "knife and butter" - make them look cool and be protected all at the same time. Eye protection is key to avoid cataracts later on. Make sure you pick child sunglasses that offer UV protection and pick a brand that you rely on, otherwise instead of protecting the shades can be harmful to their health. 

5) Clothing & Hats

My aspiring-surfer daughter always uses surf rashies, you know that long sleeve t-shirt that surfers use? They have them for kids as well and they can look absolutely cute. When picking clothes for a summer day, make sure they are cool, loose and allow the kids' little bodies to breathe. I didn't know that before, but darker clothes tend to protect more against the UV radiation, however at the same time they can heat up a bit more. Its a common sense decision. Hats are also very important, again, they'll look cuter and better protected. 

6) Pick the right time to go to the beach and don't stay too long

Go early or close to the sunset. I tend to go to the beach with my daughter around 7 in the morning or 6.30pm when it's not very warm and the sun isn't too high in the sky. But even so, I know that we're still exposed to UV radiation, so it's important not to exaggerate and not to stay for too long. Let them have a decent amount of fun, vitamin D and play on the sand. They'll have a great time and keep healthy.


I hope you liked my tips.
Enjoy your trips to the beach and please stay in touch.


MissCat team


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